13 December 2007

An actual conversation with my mom:

Mom: "Have you heard of the new blue jean company from Redmond? All the celebrities want them."
Me: "no, what are you talking about? Mom, do you mean Paper Denim and Cloth? That was FOREVER ago and the dude went to UW"
Mom: "No,I saw it on Evening Magazine. It's called Nine-something. Made with some sort of stretch material."
Me: "Mom, do you mean 7?"
Mom: "No, not 7. They sell those at Cost-co now! Look it up on the computer."

Alas, my mom was right. Pine IV Designer, Mel Matsui resides in Redmond, and ships nation wide. You can currently find these locally at Merge in Fremont (5000 20th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107, 206.782.5335) and La Rousse (30 Virginia Street - Seattle, WA - 98101, 206.448.1515).

here's what they say about them...

"Girls who want great-fitting jeans should check out Pine IV, a line of denim out of Redmond, WA. Fit is everything with Pine IV denim. Pine IV's premium stretch denim will give you the confidence to show off your great shape. Pine IV is sweet and sexy...yet tough. The back pocket placement is the KEY to making your butt look hot. Pine IV is also an environmentally friendly brand. For every pair of Pine IV jeans sold, the company will plant a tree on your behalf with American Forests."

I'll wiggle myself into a pair this weekend and let you know.


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