29 October 2007

On Saturday morning I went to breakfast with my BFF to 22 Doors (405 15th Ave E Seattle). The BFF and I have hauled up at 22 Doors before (during the windstorms last year). We loved it there for two reasons. They had Burgers (which is exactly what we were craving) and Cute Bar Tenders who didn't bock at us for wanting (more than one) shot of Tequila at 2:00 in the afternoon on a school day (he also didn't mind when we skipped out for a minute to the card and knickknack shop next door to buy a Cow Creamer). So, we went again for brunch and it was perfectly delicious. We both sipped the homiest, freshest, most perfectly executed bloody Mary we have ever had (It was both creamy and spicy with just enough vodka). My BFF had a Veggie Omelet with caramelized onions, sweet peppers, and yummy cheese. I had the Huevos Rancheros which was elegantly executed on a small corn tortilla, topped with a modest amount of spicy black beans, atop were two perfectly poached eggs, and encompassed with the most perfect pico de gallo. The only poor part of the meal is that our toast was strangely un-toasted. And we only cared because we were both carving the jam that comes in the little packages.

So, we like 22 Doors for brunch because:
It's not Pesos.
They have a creative, yummy, and a foodie like brunch menu.
The make excellent Bloody Mary's
It's on 15 in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood which is the love child of Madrona and and Capitol Hill (Broadway).
It is the last place in Seattle where there is free two hour parking.
It was not too full and there were no babies*

* I like babies. I work with Babies everyday and think they are wonderful. However I do not always want to be around babies, I hope you understand.


Blogger Karen said...

Thank you for giving me yet ANOTHER reason to miss Seatown.


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