23 September 2007

Is anyone else searching for blunt, sharp objects to  scratch their ultra dry skin? No? Just me?

It's time for CEPIA. You can (literally) be healed of all things dry with one 3 second spray in their moisture intense booth. OR you can buy the spay moisture in the can and do it yourself. Either way, I'll be there soon to get rid of this post-Ibiza-welcome-cooler-weather-good-bye-tan dry skin thing I have going on.

And, if you decide to stop by - Come knock on my door. I am taking visitors now. But, be prepared to chat fall fashion, b/c like most, I am a bit confused as to what to wear. Maybe it's my defunked state of mind, but I am having a tough getting a hold of what's happening for fall. Tucker Shirts? Love them, hate the price.

Really what I'd like to be doing is jotting down all these thoughts that are dancing foot-loose style in my head. But really I don't trust much of what I've been thinking lately. All these thoughts are a little too  emotional, a bit too honest, and more "too" than I can genuinely handle.


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