03 May 2007

Awhile back when I had to hold my mold my fingers into an "L" to know which hand was left and which hand was right, I fell deeply in love with oversized things. For an entire summer I wore my sisters nightgown, 4 sizes too big, to bed for no reason in particular except that I like the way too big felt. And one evening, as I made may way in for bed I took too big of a step and fell directly on the metal track of a sliding glass door, creating a crevasse in my forehead that required 7 stitches. And now every time I catch a glance of myself in the mirror I see the result of desiring, being and harvesting The Too. As I mentioned before, this is a place where I come to learn and share and hopefully teach a few lessons on life and love and fashion and food and This City. Because no matter what I do, I will forever be the girl who said she never would, and did again. Because the water isn't always the same temperature year round. And depending on how many people or how many things have been thrown in my ocean, I will always be curious if the water is too cold, too empty, or too salty.

I enjoy The Too. And without all The Too, I am left too bare, too lonely and too unlike the girl I have always been.

Over the past few days someone has sprinkled clarity and good along the city streets. Great things are happening around me. Dreams are becoming reality and the cracks that normally stub toes and trip people up are smoothing out considerably.


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