25 April 2007

It's been a few twilight's since I've stopped by to say anything. But the reality is, I don't have much to say. I am feeling quite private with some and wide open with others. And all that wide open conversation is meant just for me and them.

I can tell you that My Dater rocked it on Saturday night. And, if you were smart (or in the need for an amazing time and some dancing) you'd head to Trinity on Friday night to see him play.

Until then, enjoy the afternoon sunshine (I've been spending my evenings at the Olympic Sculpture Park exchanging heartfelt words and giggles with the people I love the most. Oh, and if you have ever doubted Seattle is a friendly city - I promise a walk through the art will change your mind. You'll get  (at least) 10 hellos - and hopefully one will be from me.)


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