12 April 2007

Because I am part hippie (if you have ever: gone vegan and rock bottomed at Dicks one drunk night, sworn off leather for a few months, worn Birkenstocks, tried to grow out your armpit/leg/bikini hair, been to a DMB concert more than twice, wanted a Volkswagen Beatle pre 2002, or yelled at a stranger for not recycling her Diet Coke can - you can consider yourself part hippie) I have always had a love for tie dye. Mind you, fashionable, Prada-esque tie dye. I have a few pieces I refuse to part with and with summer nipping at our heals the idea of tie-dye becomes acceptable.

Miu Miu Hand Bag, $1,595.00 (yowzas!), Barney's Of New York (City Center, 5th Ave Seattle, Wa)

This Gal inspired me - She's decided to bring Napping Back. I'm on a mission to bring (tasteful) Tie-Dye Back. We all know that Justin brought The Sexy Back.

What are you brining back?


Blogger Brooklyn said...

You have ''brought'' meaning to the word ''bring'' back.

FYI - Besides naps I'm also bringing the circus, back.

10:32 AM  

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