16 April 2007

A year ago today, I woke up with a hot dog in one hand and a headache to boot. I had spent the previous evening celebrating the end of Tax season and running rampant through the greater party parts of Seattle. I spent the day coloring Easter eggs and working off  my hang over via champagne and giggles. Later to be drug out again for more dancing (this time less drinking).  
I was working on a budding friend ship with this TALENTED GIRL and was most interested in learning about her. However, with Tara comes a well rounded, artistically inclined group of people. It was impossible to simply get to know her.

She drug me to the dance floor with the promise of several memorable moments.
And little did I know, that showing up on that dance floor a year ago would completely and wholly change my life for the better. That I would meet that person, and in only a couple hundred days I would understand why people get married, why they promise to be the best person they can be, why they hold hands when they are falling asleep. Little did I know in just a couple of hundred days  I would better understand the girl I am to become. Little did I know I'd find someone who isn't afraid to show me, me. I had really no idea what-so-ever that I'd come across real life, true as true can be, love.

Someone once wrote that summing up her child's personality was like trying to "describe a rainbow to someone who has been blind their entire life". I feel the exact same way about this love that I have experienced.   Because I have heard it all before. "this love thing, you gotta try it." And its the one thing you can't quite understand until you are in  it. Until you have the hand of the person who can turn you inside out just by breathing. You just don't quite get it until you are forehead to forehead with that person who are sincerely and eternally thankful that they were born. 

Happy one year since our first "hello" homeskillet.


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not gonna lie.. i misted up just a teense at that one.


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