26 April 2007

apparently I have been carrying the weight of my world on my shoulders. I hadn't realized mother nature had begun to balance her heavy heavy burdens on me. It wasn't until I stood still, took a deep breath and focused fully on what it was that was so darn heavy that I understood she was presenting me with (yet another) lesson. After the exchange of a few words and some research on my end, I realized that I'd had this heavy weight for quite some time. And by evenly distributing it though out my body I hadn't quite noticed it was there. I hadn't quite realized it was there AND unnecessary. You see, Mother nature as burdensome as she can be, usually lets us know when things aren't really as they seem. I've begun to unload the majority of this weight - and soon enough, I'll be floating along as my usual self (inflated with love optimism and good old fashion fun oh, and and vodka)

In the mean time, I am moving some of that weight into a lovely summer (Yeah,I said it -SUMMER) tote:

Kate Spade Poppy Griffen PVC tote, $195.00, Nordstrom Down Town.

Old Navy Cross Body Tote, $12.50, Old Navy (Down Town Seattle)

Orla Kiley High Summer Tote, 125.00 GBP ($250.00 USD - yikes), Tininha's Boutique(617 NE 35th Ave Seattle, WA 98103, 206.985.6772)

Target Straw Market Tote, $14.99, All Target Stores.*

*By the way, there are some REALLY cute bags at target, I mean, like super cute. And with the way summer rolls in and out of our city, why spend buko bucks on something that is sure to dangle from your forearm only a few times a year? Shop smart people.


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