01 May 2007

I have been doing my best to think of new things to show all of you. But the thing is, there are all sorts of things on my mind and all sorts of things I am doing that have nothing to do with this blog. And the reality is, I have spent the past few weeks loving life. Falling deeper and deeper in love with the way this world works. How, on a whim, certain people, certain words, certain events,  can show us just how lucky we are to be here, living this life.

It's May day. And if I had the time I'd place a sprig of lilac on your doorstep, give the door a hefty knock, skip around the corner and watch you smile as you wonder who is thinking of you. SURPRISE! It's me. And chances are if you ever wonder is anyone is thinking about you-  you can count on the fact that I may be wondering what's floating trough your mind.

Welcome May. I have a feeling you'll be full of sweet four letter words and laughs. Lots and Lots of laughs.

ps- please excuse my punchy post from yesterday - I was feeling quite like pumice and allowed another person's piss and vinegar to seep into my (generally) solid and sweet disposition.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy May day to you, too!

12:03 PM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Oh! Thanks! We should have more holiday's designated to surprising people with anonymous bouquets of flowers, don't you think?

6:41 PM  

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