19 September 2007

Thanks to numerous calls and emails from my mom/sisters/family - thinking I was dead/suicidal - I thought it'd be time to post again. Sure there have been things to chat about (THREAD show being less than good, the foundation building back slowly and surely and with enormous amounts of love, my dater's 10 year high school reunion, fall in Seattle (the time of year where I slink through the streets grabbing at sorrel and scarlet leaves and knit them into chunky sweaters and warm sake secrets), pending financial freedom, and the ULTIMATE lack of wearable denim in the world (it's true, we may be back to wear prim and proper trousers, which as you know is fine with me), but I've been here, on my rooftop waiting all this out - hoping not to get too close to any of you before I've unfolded all the wrinkles in my spirit.


Anonymous Becky said...

My dear... the worn in wrinkles are what make the blanket so very comfy.

Please don't attempt to iron them out... they're usually dry clean only anyhow.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Brooklyn said...

I take that back. My make-up wasn't a waste, I FINALLY got to see you! ;)

7:13 PM  

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