06 September 2007

psssst. Good morning Seattle. It's me. I'm, we're back from Ibiza and a bit off on our time schedule. I'm wide awake and ready to spill it all at 5am. However, I'd like to make it really good, so I'll wait to tell you all about it later -  Because this trip/vacation/holiday was the best I've ever had. Ever. WE ate a lot, drank a lot, kissed a lot, danced a lot, sang, cuddled, sunbathed. All those incredibly boring things unless your a part of the action.

We came home to a Stunning Seattle with a fall nip in the air and I couldn't be more thrilled. I know this season calls for tailored this and well groomed that and I am ready for it. i plan to spice in a bit of the undeniably sexy looks I picked up on Ibiza.

In the mean time, nosh on these. We'll be compiling something more entertaining soon, I promise.

ps - I had my way with a Custo store in Ibiza Town.


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