05 July 2007

Tulips Summer Sale sets sail tomorrow.

30 - 50% off all spring/summer merchandise from:

Alexander Wang, Annelore, Bensoni, Clu, Dallin Chase, Hanii Y, Humanoid, Jovovich-Hawk, Lauren Moffatt, Mason, Michiko Koshino, Mike & Chris, Nicholas K, Nili Lotan, Orla Kiely, Puella, Souchi, Trovata, Verrier, Willow... and more

All @ tulip 1201 first avenue, seattle , 206 223 1790.

Please come! It's been a while since we promised to shop together without really knowing each other. This time? I'll introduce myself and invite you back for a shot of tequila and a peek of the Sound off my new roof top deck.

I'll be wandering down 1st at noon-thrity.

Mike and Chris Mini Shirt Dress:

Jovich-Hawk Odetta Romper (I am SO wearing this in Ibiza!):

ps- right now, my puppy is on her new bed checking out her new t-shirt in the window's reflection. She is literally swaying her small little arse back and fourth to find her best angle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovin' the blog.

Going to be in town Fri and Sat. night...where should we go out??

I am thinking possibly Queen Anne or Belltown...

And, where should we eat? I want someplace hip and trendy...


10:11 AM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

D.P. -

Friday I am booked (my Dater's B-day !!) and Saturday renders a ladies night.

I recommend the W on Saturday and SSL on Friday and Ballard for daytime trists.

Send me a smoke signal when you are in town and if I'm not completely tied up - I'll send one back.

Enjoy my city!

3:52 PM  

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