02 July 2007

Sometimes I wish I had butterflies floating on my fingertips if not for anything else but a conversation starter. I've been up to all sorts of thing concerning organization and shoving as much of my clothing possible into a home depot plastic bin. But what I;d really like to be up to in talking with you or someone new, learning your ways, why it is you prefer twilight to dusk and why it is you like your Merlot from the bottle, not the glass.

I'd like to be in wine bars and on boats; planning weekend get aways and skipping through the stinky summer streets of Seattle. I want to discover sand in my stilettos and forget where I left my dress. But until all this organizing is over, I'll be knee deep in questions ("are you sure I can't take just a BIT more closet space" or " I'll need to move your programming books out of the kitchen to make room for my spice rack" btw - it's dean a deluca, there is no getting rid of it) and folding and of course, consolidation.

I did take a bit of a break on Saturday night to hang out with a new friend and a porn star.
In the mean time - go buy a dress. I found some of my favorites for this year at forever 21, IAN, Sway and Cake, and VU (On Capitol Hill.

Forever 21 Dress, 22.99, Forever21.com

DVF Hayley Dress, 298.00, Sway and Cake (Down Town Seattle)


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