16 May 2007

Mom my owns a vestibule for creamer that is shaped like a cow. I am confident that lots of other of other households have this same creamer. Without shame she would sever after dinner coffee accompanied by the cow creamer. And without fail, my uncle would muster a deep hearty MOO every time someone picked up the cow to pour some cream.

On our road trips to Black Butte, Oregon every summer my insanely accountable father would MOO at every cow we saw along the highway and encourage us to communicate with them as well.

The other day, I held my puppy nose to nose with The Dater, and out of nowhere he expat a full, throaty MOO in the puppy’s face. She looked at him quizzically and I giggled inside remembering that all the really great men in my life have the best MOO's and aren't afraid to use them.

Cow Creamer, $26.00, Williams Sonoma, University Village.


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