16 May 2007

Dear Internet,

I'd once been told that those who speak with less words come across as more intelligent. And that in writing, using less yet more precise words makes for a better, smarter paragraph.

The thing is Internet, in my head all these things that I share with you are quite simple. However, when they make their way from the back of my brain to the deepest part of my soul and then out through my fingers - these thoughts tend to pick up a few too many analogies and all sorts of improper punctuation.

My theme as of late is less is more. Less money for more fulfillment, less time for a truer deeper love; less is more - more or less. And you see Internet, this is where I get a bit confused, because this minimalist that rests in the most sincere part of my brain directly conflicts with the expressionist that holds court in my heart. And the more I allow the two to make a wish with my collar bone the more they each make sense to me.

So, that’s the hardest thing about this less is more thing. I am making all sorts of decisions that require a few steps back in order to skip several strides forward. And as uncomfortable as some of these decisions make me. I know that in the back of my mind where all these thoughts began, they are 100% absolutely the right decisions.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a greatly written.

I am a 'right now' and 'right away' kind of girl...and I sometimes forget the genuine feeling of saying and doing nothing at all.

It really is an art to master.

Your blog reminded me that I need to keep working at it....

12:15 PM  

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