04 May 2007

This weekend promises to be filled with (almost) everything I love.

My Cousin Jamie and Aunt Carol are headed out from Kentucky for a long visit. Saturday evening there will be a family dinner with down home food, belly laughs, kids, and photo albums. SAM is re-opening it's doors this weekend and allowing all of you lucky ducks to visit for free for 36 hours (open during the entire 36 hours). There will be DJ's, Gospel Choirs and Jazz bands. There will be all sorts of shenanigans throughout the City on Saturday night - I'll be at crimson C shaking it to this guy and these two. I am going HERE for a facial. Also, there is a chance you'll see me running around my neighborhood with my puppy in tow.

I have a pretty good feeling, this is one of those weekends I'll bottle up and save for later, when things aren't as great as they are now.


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