16 January 2007

Last October I flew to Kentucky to see my Cousin Jamie marry they funniest, most frugal, sensitive, go getter I know (hi Joseph!).Through out the week we ate very little, slept very little and drank a lot of coffee.  When it was finally time to let loose and forget about catering, fake eyelashes and groomsmen  - I may have overindulged in some bourbon, vodka and cheap champagne. I took to the dance floor and the bar like a gay man to a Prada sample sale.  Somewhere between my foul attempt to drop it like it was hot and wandering aimlessly on the front lawn of the reception area (later to be found by the grooms father and driven home by the brides father) I injured my knee.   Which has left me limping since that lovely day in October. And it hurts like you would't believe when the temperatures dip below 52 degrees.  So today instead of limping to the gym, I took to the Lucy Sale to find new Gym Clothes.

They are having a 50% off sale price sale. I got a total of 7 pieces for 85.00. Pants, shorts, two jackets, two running shirts and a fancy new gym bag.

Here is what I got:

In Green; $15.00 @ Lucy, University Village

In Slate; $11.00; Lucy, University Village

Lucy Running Shorts; $8.00 @ Lucy University Village

The past few days I have been much like a teenager - chatting on the phone about pointless things, scoffing responsibility and dreaming effortlessly - all and all it's been quite magical.


Anonymous Jamie said...

You are hilarious! I love it! You were the star - The pictures always make me laugh ::

3:57 PM  

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