11 January 2007

Burrr. I hope you all are home with your OOF message on, watching the Discovery Channel or Inside the Actors Studio with your puppy and a latte - because that is what I am doing, and it feels so so good.

I promised some info on Movie Theaters, Justin Timberlake and (a very intriguing) Kissing Swallow with Emerald Eyes. Let’s start with JT.

I took a weee break today to head to Nordy's and scoop up a top which I will wear while dancing to my daters music and Celebrating a Friends B-day tomorrow evening. I'd love to swap some sweat and dance moves with you, please come!

(flyer designed by his talented girlfriend Erica. Please note, I will not be in lingerie, but please, by all means, sport a teddy if you please)

I digress. In my efforts to wear more form fitting clothing I am overhauling my denim and looking for a skinner leg, tighter rear, and more flattering waste line. I also have a life time crush on Justin Timberlake. So I shimmied myself into some William Rast Denim. I tried these two pairs.

William Rast Straight Leg Sadie $220.00, Nordstrom Down Town Seattle.

William Rast 14in Skinny Rachel $203.00; Nordstrom, Down Town Seattle

Neither of which I liked. William Rast is designed for someone with hips and an ass, neither of which I have. So, sad to say, I will not be running around with JT's stamp of approval pressed against my lower back. If you have hips and an ass, I recommend heading to the Down Town Savvy and asking Boleyn to help you find a pair. But hurry, even the newest shipment was down to just a few sizes.

You can also find these at Bliss in Fremont and for your Dater you can grab a pair at Blackbird in Ballard (5410 22nd Ave NW, Seattle 98107; 206.547.2524).

One more thing, if ever you doubted magic exists, I recommend you take the hand of someone you love, lead them to the Arboretum, walk very slowly, and allow the excess snow from the weighted branches to swirl around your head. It will make you believe - I promise.


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