04 January 2007

There is this girl I know whose life isn't quite going the way in which she planned. Somewhere along the way an unnamed author took over her plot line and wrote in a few chapters of sadness. The good news is she has redeemed the pen and begun a phenomenal new chapter full of positive thoughts, new jobs, handsome suitors, Diane Von Furstenberg dresses, and rivers of top shelf vodka (okay, okay, I added the rives of vodka, but honestly, she really did write everything else). So while she strings together vowels and consonant and connects everything with semi colons and exclamation points we'll be hand in hand any night of the week schlemieling and schlimazeling down the streets of our favorite city indulging in some of our favorite places.

In no particular order - my most favorite places to complete or start a new chapter.

The W hotel (1112 Fourth Avenue Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 264-6000)

The drinks are expensive ans so is the food, but I can attest, It makes you feel posh. Limit yourself to a couple of each, that way you'll be able to indulge more than once a week. If you go out on a week night, Wednesday is your best bet. Seattle's SIP is happening and local DJ's play loungey, funky and sexy beats. You can feel totally comfortable in your business casual or your evening weekend wear.

611 Supreme
(611 E. Pine St. Seattle, WA 98122 (206) 328-0292)

My favorite place to munch on Crepes in Seattle. The bar tenders range from muscly bouncer types to tatted up punk rockers. The cocktail waitresses are sweet and the entire staff is knowledgeable (probably because they can't get enough of the yummy food). I had both big-group-dinners and "just drinks" here. Each experience exceeded my expectations. My favorite part (besides the food) are the euro trash regulars that dine and drink in excess. Cozy up to the bar and order and extra dirty martini straight up - you'll get it tasting perfect and with a toothy smile.

The Triangle Bar (3507 Fremont Pl N. Seattle, WA 98103, (206) 632-0880)

Far from posh but totally consistent you can visit the triangle any night of the week and run into a birthday party, bachelor troupe or friends getting together "just because". It's a place to go when you don't want to be alone and don't mind late twenty somethings pretending their still in college. To fit in, order a shot and a Stella. To stand out, order a champagne and vodka cocktail.

Hopefully I'll see you sometime soon.


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