03 January 2007

See! I told you all 2007 would be the best year of my life. When it starts out with a sale at Impulse, featuring a remarkable discount on all fall items (lest I remind you of the almost heart attack I had when I saw Jill had THIS in her store.

Check out the Impulse Blog to the right and see all the other lovely stuff Jill has inflated her store with throughout the fall/winter months.(scroll down a bit to check out the stirrup pants - I'll get a pair if you do).

I'll be there right at 11:00am Saturday morning.

If you'd like to join me I'll be hiding next door munching on the best Coco Nut Cookie and perfectly steamed soy milk at Cafe Ladro (452 N. 36th St.Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 675-0854 ) Seriously you guys, the cookies are fitly sweet with a salty crisp on top. And there is always a adorable emo looking boy with dark rimmed glasses steaming something behind the counter.

See you all Saturday!


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