20 December 2006

There must be something with the way the moon and the stars and the earth are aligned. Why you ask? Weird stuff is happening. Odd texts have found their way into my in box. The Words, The Worry, and The Giggles have taken an unapproved vacation and I forgot a birthday. Birthdays are tightly stitched into the most memorable part of my brain. Because when I was a little girl I had no fear greater than my birthday being forgotten. No matter how much my mother planned, spoke of and reminded me of "my special day to come" - I couldn't quite get over the fact that there was a chance she might forget.

And, here, I've done it. I am a day and a half late for Kelly's 17th Birthday. And we all know turning 17 is pretty damn exciting, as you can drink in Mexico and get into NC-17 movies.

Kelly likes root beer and tuna; good steak and Office Space. Both his Left and Right brain are equally as smart. He has been to all seven continents and can air guitar to the entirety of ACDC's Highway to Hell. He's made it his personal mission to make you laugh and not just a "ha, that was funny" laugh. But, a deep down "thank God, I need that” belly laugh. He gives amazing hugs.

Happy 17th Birthday Kiddo


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