11 December 2006

In the Other Space, I wrote frequently of a part of my life deemed the October Stew. It was a moment in time wherein, for the lack of a better term, "the shit hit the fan". However it wasn't all that funny or easy to write off. It was a point in my life in which I was left mostly alone to whisper and sing and dance all by myself. I can remember wanting nothing more than for the weight, that heavy heavy burden of self reflection and being better, to crush all my bones into diamonds. Then I planned to rebuild on a solid, slightly prettier foundation. I can't say I am totally complete, that all the surfaces are shiny and ready for sale, but I can say I've grown considerably.

Oh, so what I am getting at is that, this evening, in celebration of the Holiday's I will be hand and hand with some people who know the dusty version of myself. The girl I was before the one I am now, decided to take the lead. I am a bit nervous to come pleasantry to pleasantry with some of these faces.

I am not quite sure what to expect. But I do know that I am armed with a
lovely pair of boots, pockets full of positivity and confidence, and the sheer fact that I am growing and changing and promise to do so forever.


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