11 December 2006

On Friday, In an attempt to make myself feel better, I set off to Capitol Hill for a pedi and a shop. I was on the hunt for a skirt that had been flirting with me from the display window for a good two weeks (review of VU soon to come). I figured nows as good of time as any to woo it to my closet. Well, I got a bit side tracked by This Place. The Galactic Boutique (1213 Pine Street, Seattle WA, 98101, 206.749.9167) is owned and operated by a lovely man who designs all sorts of funky and practical things to fill your home and your desk top. My most favorite thing about this place were the prices (and the music and the upcoming craft events):

I took the initiative in ordering a few of these for my new couch:

Chocolate Pop Pillows, Galactic Boutique, $35.00 (You can also do custom made)

I also got a few of these to scatter a top my bookshelf

Pod Vase, Galactic Boutique, $3.95

Also to be purchased, bright and festive holiday decorations (perfect for package topping), silk screen T-shirt and (once I hang more shelves) - more votives!

Seriously, it's like whimsy and sassy got together and procreated a baby girl and named her Galactic Boutique.


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