26 November 2006

I've been a bit absent from here. I'd like to admit that I have been up to all sorts of mischief involving clothes and vodka and sleepless nights. I'd like to admit that I have been elbow deep in love and hand holding and secret telling over chai tea and ciggies. What I have been doing is not holding up my end of the bargain I have made with myself. And for that, I am wearing a lumpy crown of disappointment. And instead of taking my hands and removing the visible yuck I have been playing catch up with all sorts of other things only to avoid the inevitable.

What I have been doing is working very hard to discover the person living underneath my skin. I've been chatting with the girl who I walk and think and dream with everyday. Using one syllable at time to find out when it is she'll be ready to take the lead. She's the girl who never is without words and leaves all her worry underneath her pillow and in the depths of her hand bag. She's the girl who does as she says. She's the girl who doesn't loose her wallet or her confidence. She's the girl who can keep track of your Birthday and her emotions. I can't wait for you all to meet her.


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