13 November 2006

For some reason, today, I am without words, which scares me more than The Worry. Because even when The Worry consumes me I at least have words. Today, I am without both.

I spent yesterday evening alone, with out any noise thumbing through old college work and love letters and doodles of bouquets and hand bags. I stumbled upon lost giggles and soft touches that have been lurking in the shadows of my storage unit for quite some time.

I read most of the novellic thoughts out loud only because I couldn't quite hear the girl who had written and doodled and thought all these vowels and consonants and punctuation. And as we read together this girl and I, there was a Socratic understanding that she is I and together that makes we - And finally when we understood that one was the other we held hands and danced to That's Amore like we had known one another since 1,000 yesterdays.

For the time being I am switching all forms of communication to hand gestures and and toe taps.


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