04 November 2006

MASH - Mansion Apartment Shack or House.

I had no idea little girls still told their future using wide rule note book paper and chance. Lucky for me I get marry my Best Friend, Live in a mansion, be a rock star and have 5 kids which I will be toting around in my Toyota Prius. The new category for today's youth (which I am quite proud to announce) is Clothing. You get to decide what clothes you will wear for the rest of your life. Amongst Prada, Martha Stewart for K-mart, Marc Jacobs and Old Navy - I get to dawn Sr. Jacobs for eternity. So that means Marc has all of 0 months to sketch up children's line, b/c according to MASH, I should've poped out the first of my penta-team yesterday.

From the words of the 10 year old who etched my future, one cross-out at time, as she discovered that indeed I Really Would be a Rockstar "that is so awesome".

Enjoy your MARCtastic Saturday kids.

I think this is pretty "awesome"

Marc by Marc Jacobs Viola Sweater; $358.00; Nordstrom Pacific Place

Nordstrom Savvy
(500 Pine Street Seattle, WA 98101-1744 (206) 628-2111)


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