01 November 2006

Soon to mulitply like bunnies - The first of the Velvet(tines)

APC Blue Velvet Blazer 336.00 @ IMPULSE Seattle

Impulse Seattle is in Fremont.
3516 Fremont Place North, Seattle Washington, 98103
Jill is the owner. Here is her Blog: http://impulseseattle.blogspot.com/

This is possibly one of my most favorite stores in the entire world (I have seen a bit of the world, so that is not a totally outlandish statement). I have wanted to be her since the day I met her, but I will settle for shopping in her store and celebrating her fantastic taste. Jill and her Store and her "People" are rad in 100 different ways. Please go in and say hello and buy stuff.

I am saving up for this (no joke, my heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this):

and the back

Mayle Jumper Black 504.00 @ IMPULSE Seattle

eeeeeeeek. I love this.


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