01 November 2006

Dear October,

Like a lot of things lately I am feeling middle of the road, not so much here not so much there about not so much of anything - you included. Some of September's struggles stumbled into our first few days together and blurred the lines between really shitty and sort-of shitty and eventually faded into plain old okay.

You did however en capture one of the loveliest days in my life thus far. A wedding between two people who epitomize love and for that I am forever grateful. Maybe this is a sign of turn around for you and I.

I can say you did a fantastic job redeeming yourself from the years past. You were completely devoid of break-ups and tears and lost friendships. Thanks for that. My heart is wearing a bit and I am not sure I would have been able to handle all of the above.

You required me to do a lot of thinking. Thinking about me and others and how we all work together to be better while doing our darnedest to be ourselves. And in sitting on bar stools or in coffee shops or across dinner tables I learned I am not the only one who requires the constellations for company and consult durining the wee hours of the night. And don't think this is a misery loves company sort of thing. If anything? You and all the others have taught me to be grateful for the tiniest of tinest of things. Becasue from there we can only build.

You, October, were what one might call a tiny-tiny pleasant surprise. Thank you.

High Fives and Butt Shakes,



To be honest and boring I will have to say, i am sticking with the Jacobs Ladder approach. I will let you unfold the way you'd like and we'll work together to plant something specular for the end of the year. Maybe a band of tip-toeing Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane's or hours upon hours of laughing and drinking and love. What ever it is - I am pretty excited to work on it together - a minute at a time - and watch our garden grow.

I do have one request, November. Please keep the love coming - things are brighter and seem a whole lot easier when love is in the mix.

Oh, almost forgot - there are all sorts of things to be done and growing up to do and decisions to be made - so don't think I won't be doing some, because that girl that was around earlier this year is hiding behind the current (stronger and nicer) version of herself.

Sure steps and turtle necks,


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