09 November 2006

My favorite thing to talk about this week is the weather. It's rainy. Seriously rainy. An "Urban Flood Watch" has been noted by local news. I explained to a friend in NYC that Seattle is like a swimming pool, without the hot lifeguard, sun or chlorine. funny? no?

Either way, I am keeping dry by staying in - however when I do venture from my car to my front door, I am wearing my new Scoodie.

Kasil knit Scoodie; $40; @ Kulhmans ( 2419 1st Ave; Seattle, WA 98121 ; 206-441-1999)

I wish the name wasn't so cheesy as it renders itself a spot on QVC. Luckily it is available at Kulhmans and you don't have to stay up to the wee hours in front of the TV to get one.

I called today to see if KULHMANS has them in stock - rest assured they are on the way (maybe you people are one step ahead of me). Scott is giving me a jingle when they arrive, I'll be sure to let you all know when the the Scoodies are in town.

After you get your Scoodie - thumb through the Ella Moss, Ben Sherman, Merc, Fred Perry and casually tailored comfey's. And if you EVER NEED TAILORING GO TO KUHLMANS (yes that was a shout). Scott is the best Tailor I have ever been to, a modern day miracle worker armed with silk thread and a 1pt needle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the scoodies rock..reversible and plaid hoodies on the way...

from a kasil insider :)

9:01 AM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Can't wait! These have been my saving grace in our Bipolar seattle weather!

12:51 PM  

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