08 November 2006

Seattle. Please stand. raise your right hand. GIVE YOURSELF A NICE BIG PAT ON THE BACK. You did good and made right.

Washington is in for another term of spectacular senate-ship. Congratulations Senator Cantwell. Cheers to loving our kids and their education, the environment and making sure we are all well taken care of. Thank you for standing up for (almost) everything I believe in. Check out what her plan is here: http://www.cantwell.com/issues/

And a high five to McGavick for running a clean and fare race. this year was without scandal or slander and really made politics (dare I say) fun.

I am glad we left the controversy to the South.

I'd also like to point out, our state is female heavy. Don't know about you, but I think that is pretty darn rad.

Thanks for being super smart Washington.


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