14 November 2006

Yesterday evening I locked myself in my apartment. I left my keys in the door and turned the dead bolt on the inside, which left me stuck in, instead of out. In less than a few moments I realized I would much rather be out than in. Which is funny, because almost all of my adolescence was spent charming my way in - if I had known a few years down the road out felt much more comfortable than in, I would've spent that time memorizing show tunes and weather patterns.

The 25 for 25 is happening. If you (like me ) have yet to take advantage, shame shame shame on you. I am breaking the pattern today - I have a lunch date with Andaluca. I have been here once (Prom 1997) when it was over on Dexter Avenue, high above the filth, overlooking the water. I can imagine has it the venue, menu and the restaurant all together is completely different. *

407 Olive Way, Seattle, (in the Mayflower Hotel) (206).382.6999
I have plans to start with the lamb, then nosh on some beets and apples and risotto, and finish with the saffron cheese cake.
*-Hey, did I mention I was a total pot head in high school? Adriatica is the restaurant I was thinking of, not Andaluca. Andaluca will be an entirely new experience.


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