17 November 2006

All of my shoes have a warn spot on the outer right heal where my foot rests while I drive. I have made a habit of removing my right shoe so there will be no physical evidence of the fact that I can't seem to slow down.

Today,I'd like to open that box I hid under by bed - I am in a real life need of goodness.

Last night my best friend found herself on a VIP tour bus from LA to San Diego. The fog was too thick to land in San Diego, so she and a few of the other passengers, bound together and requested the bus to drop them at various locations throughout Southern California. If you live in LA and were awoken by a tour bus hydraulics some point in the wee hours last night - she apologises. But don't be too upset, she was on her way to find some love, and really? How can you begrudge a girl for that? It seems like some people have all the fun.


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