25 November 2006

Over the past couple of hours there have been a handful of moments which have left me floating a little above my normal high. In my efforts to never forget I have been devising a plan as to how to keep all of the keepable moments in the very front of my memory. I am a bit too old for tattooing and not quite old enough to cross stitch. For now, I have decided to paste these moments on the insides of my eye lids. I've made a promise to take more time to blink.

I hope that your Thanksgiving was bound by family and full bellies and you were swarmed by all that you are thankful for. The older I get, the more I realize that the little things are what I am most thankful for. Like how my giggle bounces off yours and the way we hold hands when we mean it and the lovely truth that I have all the people I ever need to know folded in my back pocket.

If your in my neighborhood, I'd recommend stopping here for a bite to eat:

Madison Park Cafe (1807 42nd Ave E Seattle, WA 98112 (206) 324-2626)

We had home made granola, yogurt, and a tower of toast. Some say the wait is long - we had no problem at all. Our waitress recognized my dater and I from out last meal at Palomino which lead to a conversation as to who had the most memorable face. He wins, hands down. Oh, and, if you do have a long wait - you can stop by my place for some giggles, a game of fetch, and a mimosa.


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