18 November 2006

(exactly one year ago today- from the archives)

fairy tale
Yesterday, Alyssa and I took on the Ballet. We have had PNB season tickets since she was 4. Every time we go we hold hands, she falls asleep, and we both carry each other’s secret dream of becoming a ballerina to the coffee shop and talk about the performance...
The rest of my afternoon was laced with sleepiness and drama. Both of which I have let go of.
Saturday was my sister’s wedding reception. It was as to be expected. My date (Auntie Judy) was disappointingly well behaved and I went home alone without a buzz and a full belly.
Saturday night I met Jenny, Lexi's friend. Jenny is the kind of girl I would like to be. She wears no make-up and dates a boy in a band. She likes tequila and green tea. We swapped boyfriend horror stories at Linda's before we moved onto the War Room. We were standing by the juke box, scoping out a rare bird in the corner, when an adorable boy let us know he was leaving. We followed him to the table and the rest of his equally adorable crew introduced themselves: Peter, Paul, Johnah, and John. We giggled at their holy names...
Once upon a time I was a girl with strong convictions, boundaries, goals, and spirit. On occasion, that girl will waltz back into my life and make some pretty big decisions. I ask her to stay around for as long as she can. I romance her with nights on the couch and days spent with family; hikes and reading; sewing and running. Currently, she is visiting. Tonight I plan on making a permanent space for her in my room and moving a few of my clothes out of the way so she can feel at home.


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