07 December 2006

Dear Me,

I can't lie. the past few days have been the sorts which I'd like to hang above my fire place. No tinsel or twinkle lights or decorative frames needed. If you could continue with this loveliness I'd really appreciate it. It feels like every moment is one to celebrate. Friendships feel stronger, work feels productive, love feels real and never ending.

So what I will be doing is reaching out with my fingers spread wide to insure that I don't miss a thing. My pace will be slow and I promise to inhale everything you exhale. Thanks Me, you're doing an okay job of being yourself.

High fives and a pat on the back,

This Sunday - My BFF and I will be running in the Jingle Bell Dash.

We plan on dressing ridiculously and indulging in some sort of warm vodka bevy afterwards. Hey. It's all for a good cause. Oh-and, our outfits will come from American Apparel. The best place for all things cotton.

Cotton Spandex Jersey Criss-Cross Short Sleeve Unitard, $38.00 @ American Apparel (200 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102(206) 709-8100)

Unisex Nylon Taffeta Wind Breaker, $42.00, American Apparel (200 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102(206) 709-8100)

We'll be the girls singing Maria Carey's Christmas Album for the entire 3.2 mi.


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