19 December 2006

This piece of jewelry brought tears to my eyes
(lately that has been a fairly easy thing to do. You see, its just that over the past few weeks I haven't felt much like me. The Words and The Worry and (sadly) some of The Giggles have seeped out somewhere and no matter how many times I request they return, they refuse to do so. So instead, I have been covering up the hot streaks the tears leave behind with a giant smile, in hopes that you all won't notice I am without my usual ammo. Not to be concerned, I will forever be reaching for all the things I want and need with my fingers spread wide in`hope that I may catch greatness on the way).

This is literally one of the most beautifully crafted bracelets I have ever seen.

Alex Bittar Hand Crafted Lucite Bracelet $238.00 @TWIST Seattle (600 Pine St # 130 Seattle, In Pacific Place, (206) 315-8080)

And this time around I am sharing the web site, because there isn't a lot of Alex Bittar to be found in this city and it'd be an awful shame if you didn't at least own ONE of his pieces. Run HERE quickly and grab something schmaltzy for New Years Eve.

Oh, also. A big HOORAY and a shot of southern comfort for my lovely Cousin Jamie. She finished her last final yesterday which puts her one step closer to becoming a sinfully powerful attorney with a heart of gold. Happy Celebrating J!


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