06 January 2007

I've been living the past few days in your back pocket, hoping you'll notice I'm there. Folded nicely into a approachable square.

And it wasn't until just the other day, when I induced myself with pinot noir and stories that I'd gone ahead and unfolded myself and decided that I'd have to be the one to notice me first.

And since then I've had girlyness running through my veins and life has been a series of moments. And secretly I've been planting the memories all around the city so a few years down the road, when we've forgotten each other nick names, We can pick them and there we will be, hand and hand, in the city well past our curfew high on vodka and giggles taking photos with our mouths open and our hearts on our sleeve. And it will be with that seed we will be the friends we always promised we would be.

Hey! If you all haven't stopped by Impulse to check out the sale, you are seriously missing out. All I have to say is $40.00 denim and free mimosas. Go. Now.


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