12 January 2007

Yesterday as I was enjoying the "stay at home" weather and my puppy was watching a show on a pregnant Giraffe. I'd peek though my bookshelf every-once-in-awhile to see how she was doing. Every time I looked her little eyes were glued to the TV, her head cocked to the side, and ears erect in hopes not to miss a moment of this (obviously) fascinating subject.

Later, the show moved onto a serene scene of seals diving in the frigid waters - frolicking, playing, and laughing (yes, seals laugh). The Puppy was laying socratically, tail wagging eyes glued to the TV. Then, the music changed. She stood up on all fours, moved closer to the TV and waited. Out of nowhere a giant water mammal of sorts leaped from the ocean, and nabbed one of the frolicking seals. Quickly she turned her head in my direction as to say "Um hello? Can you please PLEASE do something about that giant water mammal eating my friends on the TV?"

The giant water mammal, clearly still hungry, leaped again, and nabbed yet another seal. The Puppy flung her body to the ground and covered her head with her paws and laid there until the music turned bright and cheery again, clearly devastated at what she had seen.

She spent the rest of the afternoon, peeking around the corner of the couch wondering if indeed, giant water mammals, do live in our apartment.


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