11 May 2007

In honor of mother's day, I asked my mom to write a blog. I told her she could write about anything, anything she wanted. I suggested shopping and food to keep with the theme of this little space - and safely, she chose restaurants, and some really great and notable places at that.

Surprisingly, she didn't mention El Gaucho and the time (many many years ago) when she had a few too many martinis and locked herself in the bathroom and was discovered escaping under the stall, three sheets to the wind with her clam diggers around her ankles. You see, that is the thing I love about my mom - that when put in a predicament, she does what she needs to do to get herself out - at whatever cost and in a way that causes the least amount of help from others. She is the woman who once baked 412 elephant cookies to raise awareness for the endangered elephants. She is the woman who taught me to escape into the most colorful places in my imagination when I felt alone and listened as I made sense of my elaborate adventures. She taught me how to make meatloaf and the best way to deal with bully's ("kill 'em with kindness").   She, like most mom's , is the woman who dusted my path with her magic, that special special thing that only mothers possess.

Happy Mother's Day Momma!

My Mom's First Blog:

With Mother’s Day right around the corner my lovely daughter asked me to write a blog on some of my favorite Seattle eateries. So….here goes.

You know the saying…….everything old is new again. So true for Hattie’s Hat, a tavern/eatery in Ballard. In the ‘olden days’ our group used to frequent there. The Knuts, Svens and Olsens have given way to the new Ballard crowd. A popular place for after work

Have you discovered Snappy Dragon? A wonderful Chinese restaurant on Roosevelt and 90th. Owner Judy Fu is known for her homemade noodles and delicious dumplings. Just the right touch of ginger. Don’t miss out on the fried eggplant, a house speciality.

The Edmonds Bakery on Main Street in Edmonds is a treat for the sweet tooth and the eyes. The bakery is filled with cookie jars of all shapes and sizes, collected over the last 30 years. A great place to meet a friend or take a grandchild for milk and a treat. Coffee is not so great, but the baked goods make up for it. Their home baked bread is wonderful and reasonably priced.

Want a blast from the past? CarHops live! Visit BurgerMaster on the Bothell-Everett Highway. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be there on the one-day-a- year the carhops wear roller skates! Good burgers, onion rings to die for and great shakes. Try their grilled crab sandwich…..YUMO! This particular BurgerMaster has vintage cars show up on Saturday nights in the summer. And oldies but goodies records (boy that dates me!) are played every day.

Breakfast….ah…..breakfast. Try the Mukilteo Patti’s Egg Nest. The fresh squeezed OJ by the pitcher or the glass and eggs Benedict are a great combo. And they serve breakfast till 3:00. The Maltby Café’s coffee is wonderful as well as their egg scrambles. For a more upscale choice, Kirkland’s Anthony’s Homeport Sunday brunch. The view is spectacular and the food delicious. Great bloody marys! For a special occasion try Snoqualmie Falls Lodge. Worth the drive and you’ll enjoy the waterfall. Reservations suggested for Anthony’s and required for the Lodge.

Rory’s by the Edmonds ferry dock gets my kudo for baby back ribs. A funky, casual place with succulent, tender baby backs. Add good French fries, a salad and a cold beer and you’re in pig heaven.

Let’s not forget dessert. Arnie’s has delicious coconut ice cream. If you’re a coconut freak like me this place is right down your alley. You can find Arnie’s restaurants on the Everett waterfront, Mukilteo, Edmonds and downtown Seattle. Give me burnt crème anytime, another Arnie’s speciality. Want dessert after a movie or concert? Hit the

B & O Café on Olive Way (Capitol Hill area). It’s open late for those not ready to retire too early. To die for lemon cake….light and delicious. A large variety of cakes, pies and confections. Pair your choice with a cup of their delicious coffee and you’re in heaven.

I could go on and on, but know space is limited. Us “old folks” still get around.


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