07 May 2007

It's when I least expect it loveliness pops up in the most unforeseen places.

I went ahead and bottled this weekend in a teeny tiny glass decanter from Egypt. It'll sit in a very safe spot until a time comes along where all the wonderful things in this world have disappeared. Because this weekend was full of such a high potency of amazingness you'd only need a teeny tiny drop of this serum to change any sort of un-fun way forever.

The one thing I did miss out on was SAM at 200am. Did you go? Tell me all about it!

One thing I did not miss out on: Crate and Barrel. Shamefully I had never been in the store, except to furniture shop. Little did I know they also sell insanely inexpensive and chic house wares and decorative knickknacks.

Here's what I got:

Memo Clips, $1.95 each (for long overdue photo display)

Solid Rug, $9.99

Tiki Rub, $9.99

Shell Spheres, $3.95-4.95 each

Here's what I'd get if I had a Patio:

Grass Tray, $8.95

Grass Shot Glasses, set of 6, $5.95

ALL CRATE and BARREL (University Village, 2680 NE 49th St, Seattle, WA (206).937.9939)

I know I am the last on the boat with C and B, but WOW, what cute and inexpensive stuff.


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