09 May 2007

Sushi on Tuesday's is always a good idea. Last night, The Dater, My Cousin and The Dater's Manager stepped out for dinner at Umi Sake House (2230 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98121; on First and Blanchard). I need to tell you, in general, I prefer to not be in the "see and be seen" for dinner (I save that sort of nonsense for drinking and dancing). I'd rather talk and laugh and let wasabi/soy sauce drip down my chin in a comfortable (yet chic) pair of denim and a T. So, Umi Sake house on a Friday or Saturday night, not my cup of tea.

BUT, on a Tuesday? It was totally perfect. We decided to order a barrage of rolls and share. We totaled out at 8 (almost too much for our group of 4) with a few pieces left over. The rolls at Umi are unique and delicious. I literally liked every one of the 8 we ordered, none of the tastes/textures were redundant - which I have learned is hard to come by. My favorite roll is the Tropical Paradise: salmon, strawberry, avocado, tobiko, cucumber wrapped with tuna & mango, served with blueberry sauce – yummy and refreshing!

The best part of the entire meal - the bill. For the 4 of us to eat (heartily) and have two drinks each, 200.00 (including tip). $50.00/person for FANTASTIC sushi and bevy's - that is a great deal!


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