15 May 2007

When I was a little girl, my mother required we do most of our "back to school" shopping at JC Penny's or other "discount" stores. I can't tell you the horror that ran through my veins when I knew I had to wear clothing that didn't have a shiny golden N on the tag. What I can tell you, what I remember most, is the times where she took us to Nordstrom to buy something special.

And now, in my adult life, when I am taking the steps to pay back the debt of desiring labels, I applaud the discount and the rare "special" purchase.

Over the years, when least expecting it, I have come across my most treasured pieces at a few places that downright shun the shiny golden N.

Fremont Market- On any given Sunday, you can come across fantastic finds for your closet or home. My most favorite pieces:

1970's style Hawaiian Wrap Dress (shown here on my gorgeous friend Lauren), $1.00

Patent Leather Canary Yellow Clutch w/ broken gold strap, $3.00.

Fremont Boutique's Sales. When these shops that line the streets of Fremont decide to discount, they REALLY discount. My favorite place for a phenomenal sale: Belle Fleur Lingerie Boutique.

IAN, Down Town Seattle. When Ian Discounts, they reeeeaaaly discount. Currently they have their winter and holiday collection on sale for 40-70% off. You can find Vivina Westwood and your favorite designer denim at AMAZING rates. IAN typically sets up for a massive sale twice a year.

And of course, there is always, Target. I know you all know this, but mixing a few less expensive trendy pieces with other well designed classic pieces can make for a solid, smart and sophisticated look.


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