31 May 2007

So, it may be safe to say that Ive been on some sort of vacation. But that'd be a bit of a fib and these days I am doing my very best to be honest with myself even though some of that honesty hurts more than I'd like it to (eventually I am hoping that the hurtful honesty will become not so hurtful and much more normal). Ether way, I have not been vacationing. But What I have been doing is collecting stories about this city. I've gone a head and listened in on strangers conversations (everyone loves this city when the sun is shining), met new and interesting people who have all sorts of things to do with fashion and booze (where I shamefully boasted about this little space and noted it had been days since I last posted and the new and interesting person noted that that is an eternity),  and spent some much needed quality time in bed and with my puppy. Okay, I have also been running rampant on certain evenings with a gaggle of Geminis and a pocket full of vodka. But really, that's it.

Anyway. there are all sorts of new things happening in my life - new addresses and new employers. new stories, new friends, new debt, new vacations, new lovely obsessions (dresses! dresses! dresses!). For awhile, all this "new" had me in a bit of a funk - I wasn't quite sure why I always sought the new. And I guess is all boils down to perfect timing - as a new year for yours truly is approaching (13 days to be exact) and this year, per the way it's starting, is bound to be the best one thus far.

So, this is my formal apology AND commitment to you, Internet. I'll be here, every day, so long as you promise to be here too.

For now. Please go to MOE Bar. It's the new appendage to NUMOS. It  is the EXACT same shape (long and narrow) as the it's predecessor. However, the walls are cooler (awesome wall paper), the art behind the bar reeks of something famous, and the new raised booth section in the back is the best birds eye view  - perfect for scanning the hip to be hipsters that slide in and out on any given night.  Oh and, the drinks are still stiff.

Moe Bar (10th and Pike, Next to Numos)
1425 10th ave
Seattle, WA 98122


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