24 June 2007

All excuses aside. I’ve been absent and I do not have a note signed from my parents or a doctor. I couldn’t even muster up a fakie.

What I can do is give you a quick run down of what currently, at this very moment surrounds me:

The kitchen counter: a pair of pasties, a sweat band with a robot on it, a Santa photo of the dogs, old b-day cards, a piece of an Ikea desk, mouth guard, dog treats, water bottles, subway, a piece of drift wood, $0.86, a check for a plane ticket to IBIZA!!!

And at home, I’ve got all my “must keep items” piled in plastic bins from Home Depot.

I’m moving in with my dater, which means a whole host of things for you and I Internet. My closet is changing dramatically, things are moving in an exciting direction, and I have not had time to do much of anything except talk about consolidating my closet and ask why we cannot have accent towels.

This, by no means, is an apology or a promise. I am just filling you in on what’s been going on. I’ll be back soon. And I SWEAR, I’ve got a lot to talk about.

See Internet, I told you 27 was going to be interesting.


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