10 August 2007

Hey Internet -

  It's me, Amanda. I've been all sorts of nothing but 100% into my job and making sure the Dater and I have a home that's clean and put together. To say the least I've been nothing more than a domestic wet blanket. There have been a few twenty-something evenings that have warded off pleasant futures with fantastic people. Internet, no matter how hard I try, the The Balance begrudges anything I try to do. It's even fair to say that my closet has taken a turn for the worse and it's living breathing mannequin (moi) is the epitome of the word simplicity (read: boring). But, no fear, Internet - things, including brighter colors and better planned outfits are in our future.

I started the Blog below a few weeks ago (GASP) - and cut it short to actually GO to Fremont and experience what I was craving. If there is one thing I have learned by living with the Dater -  It's do instead of talking about doing. And if time allows, talk about it later. so I did...

I'm feeling very Fremont today. There is a strong possibility I pop by Tininha’s Butique de Biquini to try on swimwear for IBIZA (which, by the way,I have decided is all I am wearing while there - Bikini's Hats and a Romper or two.). I'd like to strike up a 400 WPM conversation with the shop boys at Bliss and nosh on a crispy and salty coconut cookie from etg.

(I ended up with a gorgeous two piece teeny, tiny Custo creation (20% off!) and plan to head back for a ultimately sexy one piece with a very Euro snake skin print - made to be worn while dancing on a platform at Cafe Mambo, Ibiza)

We leave for Ibiza in 9 days - N I N E DAYS!

ps- the rumor in Belltown is that Anthropologie is opening a new "speciality" boutique somewhere along first ave between Blanchard and Pike.


Anonymous arija said...

Hi - I just wanted to let you know that I've been really enjoying reading your sporadic blogs over the past few months. You have a wonderful command of your voice and your grasp of and accessibility to fashion turns me green. The last bathing suit I bought was from Delia's, and I occasionally wear it outside on my parents' deck. Have fun in Spain!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Amanda Mae said...

Thanks Arija! As a Seattleite -I RARELY purchase a bathing suit. My last purcahse was in Hawaii in '03. Us City Girls really have very_Little_Use for such things.


ps- your newish do suits you quite well. n

9:25 AM  
Anonymous tara leigh said...

you two are dorky and adorable...and i love you both!

12:17 PM  

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