09 September 2007

A while back I spoke of worlds crashing. I talked about rebuilding happily a a few days later. And how that foundation I was rebuilding was brighter, stronger, and more desireable that the last. And, I'd been standing quite tall on that foundation for quite some time. And then, just as I got so sure footed, I was dacing blindfolded balançoire on the sharpest most unstable point for far too long. And when I stopped to see what had been going on around me I slipped and tumbled and took down every last bit of that foundation with me. And when I stood up, mother nature reached from her late summer slumber and tripped me, just to make sure I knew that this time, I need to rebuild slowly, surely, with brutal honesty and grace.

So, if you need me? I'll be here and there breathing in the last bits of Seattle Summer air and making deep eyecontact with strangers to see if maybe they may know the best way to begin my new construction. Because mostly, I am not sure where to begin.


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