05 March 2007

I am in desperate need of a tan and some sunny weather. My esthetician (her name is Meagan, she is amazing, tell her I sent you) at Spa Del Lago (1929 43rd Ave E. Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98112View Map (206) 322-5246) scolds me for tanning. And I know that when I am 40, I will wish I would have "stayed out of the sun".

So in efforts to keep my skin from defying gravity in the latter part of my life - I have committed to a couple of things: spray tanning and body elixirs at Cepia Dermotique(2737 Western Ave Seattle, WA 98121 (206) 443-0100)

Cepia offers 3 different levels of Spray tanning ( Khoe, Bahama, and Jamaica). I would advise to go light, after all we are Seattleites and we all know the sun hasn't been out since August.

My favorite Body Elixir is the EHA.

eha | extreme hydration elixirâ„¢
a luxurious blend of moisture-rich ingredients including potent marine extracts feed the skin and restore moisture. protects from free radicals.

Each service is $25.00, however they are always running specials. This spray tan lasts longer and fades better then any other I have tried. Again, I warn, PLEASE be careful with your color choice. The girls at the salon are incredible at assessing which level is best for you. And, they are helpful in fixing "streaks" or "spots".

Happy and SAFE tanning!


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