19 February 2007

Hey Seattle? Can you see me? I'm the girl all the way on the other side of the country, hauled up in my hotel room (which smells like cherry's) somewhere in an part of town they call LES/Soho. I'm sending a lovely little message via light flicking Morris code.

I'll be here for the next few days meeting some new faces at work and (hopefully) opening a few more doors of opportunity.

My hotel is wedged between a bruschetta restaurant and a bodega and sits chicly across the street from a store that houses hundreds of vintage shoes and hand bags. I've gone ahead and dog eared all the relevant pages of my favorite NYC blogs and will set to shopping on Friday.

Until then, you should pop into my neighborhood and stop by Buds and Filler (right off of Madison ave E, on 41st). You can get a bunch of Tulips (8 stems) for $2.00 (!!). they have vases galore (square, round, traditional bud) for under $10.00. There are all sorts of other by-the-stem buds to select (orchids, Lilly's, roses) at an equally inexpensive price.


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