04 February 2007

Even though I am fittingly convinced that focused and sure footed are the way to be in this world, there is still  bit of me that believes in the "what if" and kismet. There is still a part of me that believes serendipity is real that you may find your soul mate because you hopped on the wrong bus and tripped willfully into each other as you ordered the same complicated coffee drink.

I am the girl who writes her name in the back of books.

I believe in stories and will sit cross legged as you tell yours in hopes that it may happen to me as well.

And there is a part of me who believes that it okay to be confused and not know the answer. That it's okay to  feel hopeless with out someone and be filled with promise by a meager happenstance like a butterfly tapping you on your shoulder or finding a penny heads side up.

I had completely forgotten that I believed in magic and chance until I heard this woman's voice

She a girl from Seattle who sings about New York and learning and being just a bit behind in love. Her voice is clear and vulnerable,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally hear you about learning that sometimes it's okay to not know the answer. That sounds like a very basic concept, but is is easier said than done.....and same for fear of the unknown.

9:39 AM  

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