16 February 2007


Hi, my name is Amanda, I am a girl who believes in Love, fate and long term planning. I like balance bars and big hand bags and nice denim. I prefer black pumps to anything else and I wish I had better hand writing. Nice to meet you.

Please accept my most sincere apology for my absence.

I'd like to say I have been out and about collecting all sorts of treasure and will, at any moment, dump them into your lap with detailed maps on how to find the most fantastic stuff in this city. But I haven't. What I have been doing is nursing the flu, working East Coast hours in the Pacific Northwest and tight rope walking over an eclectic mix of rose petals and dragon breath.

While I was on my little tangent of not doing what I was supposed to do, I celebrated a birthday, took some photos, played with kids, and fell more in love. I DO have some great stuff to tell you about: flower shops and a fantastic new denim line. Stay tuned.

This morning I woke to birds chirping and a brighter sky than I've seen a quite a few days. I had to hold back from strapping on my espadrilles and flowery skirts and cardigans. Spring is almost here. Let’s meet in a beer garden and forget that we have work tomorrow.

Don’t go far, there is a lot to share.


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